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Sports Massage

By Siggy...

Sports Massage by Siggy Siggy's passion for sports includes running, gym workouts, fitness camp, (Bikram) yoga, skiing and swimming. It has inspired her to qualify as a Sports and Body Massage Therapist, Federation of Holistic Massage.

Sports Massage has enabled Siggy to help others, by enhancing performance, aiding recovery and preventing injury. Along with Body Massage, it relaxes the mind, as well as the body.


Sports Massage - Deep Tissue

30 minute session £30.00
60 minute session £40.00
6 x 60 min. treatment package £180.00

Swedish Massage

30 minute session £25.00
60 minute session £32.00
6 x 60 min. treatment package £150.00

For more information about Siggy and her services, please visit her Sports and Body Massage website »

Please note: payment for Siggy's treatments is by cash only, we cannot accept debit/credit cards. Cancellations must be made no less than 24 hours in advance, otherwise a fee may be incurred.

For further information or to make a booking with Siggy,
please contact us or call us on 01903 218555.